Book Camping in Rishikesh Tour Packages

If you're searching for a thrilling trip in India, look no further than Rishikesh! Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is a popular destination for adventure seekers and spiritual seekers alike.

But your trip will be incomplete without indulging in the thrill of camping in Rishikesh. Rishikesh tourism packages offer such activities that will satisfy every type of traveler. 

So, explore the best time and places to seek adventure or spiritual enlightenment on your Rishikesh trip.  

Things to Consider in Rishikesh Tour Packages

Are you planning a trip to Rishikesh but feeling overwhelmed by the various tour packages available? Don't worry; we've got you covered! With several Rishikesh tour packages available, selecting the one that suits your preferences can be challenging. Here are some key things to consider when choosing the perfect package for your Rishikesh trip.

1] Itinerary

When choosing a Rishikesh tour package, ensure that the package you select includes all the key attractions and activities. Whether camping and rafting in Rishikesh or visiting one of the many ashrams, ensure that your chosen package caters to your interests.

2] Duration

Consider how long you want your Rishikesh trip to be. Depending on your time, choose from a camping package in Rishikesh that ranges from short weekend getaways to extended trips.

3] Accommodation

If you opt for a camping package in Rishikesh, ensure the tents are comfortable and include basic amenities. If you're looking for a more luxurious stay, check the hotels included in the package.

4] Inclusions

Some packages include transportation, meals, and activities like white water rafting or bungee jumping. So, choose a package that provides all the inclusions you desire.

5] Tours and Travels

Choose a reputable tours and travels company in Rishikesh that offers quality services and is experienced in organizing trips to Rishikesh. Check reviews online to know that the company has a good reputation and provides excellent customer service.

Also, we recommend you select the Manali tour package if you want to find peace and serenity. If you love to connect with nature, check out theShimla tour packageaswell. 

5 Places to Consider in Rishikesh Tour Package

Before selecting a Rishikesh trip package, check these 5 places to make the most of your trip.

1] Neer Garh Waterfall

Neer Garh Waterfall is a stunning natural attraction located 6 km from Rishikesh. This place is in almost every Rishikesh travel package, as it is a great spot for trekking and hiking. Tourists can also enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pool at the waterfall's base.

2] Triveni Ghat

Triveni Ghat is one of Rishikesh's most popular tourist spots, known for its religious significance. The cheapest Rishikesh travel package includes a visit to this ghat, where tourists can dip in the holy waters and witness the Ganga aarti in the evening.

3] Shivpuri

Shivpuri is a small village located 19 km from Rishikesh and known for its jungle camping and white-water rafting. You can opt for a Rishikesh tour package for couples. That's because it includes a night stay in a jungle camping in Rishikesh. You can also indulge in trekking, hiking, and rock climbing.

4] Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park is a wildlife sanctuary located 18 km from Rishikesh and is home to various animals, such as tigers, leopards, and elephants. Tourists can book a Rishikesh holiday package with a jungle safari in Rajaji National Park. The park also has several trekking trails, a great way to explore the wilderness.

5] Beatles Ashram

Beatles Ashram is an abandoned ashram that the Beatles once used during their visit to India. Tourists can explore the street art and graffiti inside the ashram, making it a great spot for photography and art lovers. 

Best Time to Select Travel Package for Rishikesh 

The best time to book your Rishikesh tourism package is during the off-season, from October to March. At the same time, if you love camping in Rishikesh, the best time is from February to May and from September to November. 

But if you consider visiting other best places in Uttarakhand, this time will be the best as you'll experience the pleasant weather. But ensure to check the Uttarakhand tour package to avoid any inconvenience. 

Moreover, during the off-season, tours and travels in Rishikesh offer great discounts and deals. 

Whether planning a romantic trip or a family vacation, a Rishikesh tour package has something for everyone. The best camping in Rishikesh amidst the lush greenery and serene surroundings is an experience you won't forget. So, book your Rishikesh trip today and embark on a journey of a lifetime.


Top Rishikesh Tour Package

Camping in rishikesh with Swimming pool1 night /2 days999/-Camping, breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snacks
Serene Haridwar Rishikesh Trip3 night /4 days14,299/-Hotel, breakfast, dinner, transfer, sightseeing
Honeymoon Trip to Haridwar, Auli and Rishikesh5 night /6 days18,565/-Hotel, breakfast, dinner, transfer, sightseeing
Charming Rishikesh Corbett Nainital trip6 night /7 days14,299/-Hotel, breakfast, dinner, transfer, sightseeing
Ravishing Rishikesh Uttarakhand Trip7 night /8 days30,499/-Hotel, breakfast, dinner, transfer, sightseeing

Q. What activities can I do during my trip to Rishikesh?

You can enjoy adventure activities such as bungee jumping, zip-lining, rock climbing, camping, and rafting in Rishikesh.

Q. What is the best time for jungle camping in Rishikesh?

The best time to visit Rishikesh for camping is from September to November and March to May when the weather is pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities.

Q. Is a camping package in Rishikesh costly?

The cost of a camping package in Rishikesh may vary depending on the inclusions and duration of the package. However, there are various affordable packages available for budget travellers.

Q. Are there any good jungle camping sites in Rishikesh?

Yes, Rishikesh offers various jungle camping sites for adventure enthusiasts, where they can experience the thrill of camping in the wilderness amidst the beauty of nature.

Q. What are the famous tourist spots in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is famous for its various spiritual and adventure tourism destinations, including Triveni Ghat, Laxman Jhula, Neer Garh Waterfall, and The Beatles Ashram.

Q. Is it safe to go camping and rafting in Rishikesh?

Yes, it is safe, as tour operators and adventure sports companies take various safety measures to ensure the safety of the tourists.

Q. Can I customize my Rishikesh tour package for couple?

Yes, most operators of tours and travels in Rishikesh have customizable packages, where travelers can add or remove inclusions as per their preference and budget.

Q. What is the cheapest package for Rishikesh?

The cost of the Rishikesh trip package may vary depending on the amenities and duration of the package. However, you will find an affordable Rishikesh travel package made for budget travellers.

Q. What kind of accommodation options are available in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh has accommodation options like luxury resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and homestays. If you want a more adventurous stay, you can opt for camping packages that provide tents, bonfires, and outdoor activities.

Q. What kind of cuisine can one expect to find in Rishikesh?

You can find traditional North Indian cuisine, including dal, roti, and sabzi, and South Indian and continental options in Rishikesh. A few Rishikesh holiday package will allow you to taste the famous food of this place from the best restaurants.
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