Best Nainital Trip Package for your Tours and Ventures

Anyone out there venturing the hill stations and the mountain places in India, get you a Nainital package and have a visit. Nainital is nicknamed The Jewel of Kumaon for its refreshing beauty in the famous lake, the surrounding mountain ranges, and the infamous temple of the place. 

And for people looking for a Nainital tour package for a family or a Nainital tour package for couple, fret not people, here is your guide from what to look for in a tour package, some of the best places to visit, when to visit Nainital, and a list of Nainital tourism package. 

Things to look for in the Nainital tour package

If you are searching for some of the best yet cheapest holiday packages for Nainital, check out these must-have features with the tour packages.


Your Nainital tour package should have a detailed day-wise plan. The plan should comprise all the places you wish to see daily and other daily tasks. So, check your nainital tour packages, look for all the places you want to visit, check the timings allotted for each site, and have a fantastic trip with a Nainital tour package


When looking for the best Nainital family tour packages, check for all the amenities offered by the Nainital trip package. The package should have all the necessary facilities and offerings you need. For example, a good quality resort or a hotel to stay in, assuring safety in travel, food, parking, cab services, and emergency customer service. You can check these with your Nainital holiday packages. 

Budget-friendly Charges

It is wise to use the hard-earned money on one of the suitable and affordable Nainital tour package of your choice. Check for deals, discounts, and offers in all the Nainital tour packages thoroughly. So that it has all the places you want within the budget you can afford. 

Ratings and reviews

Cross-checking the other customers' ratings and reviews on all the best Nainital tour packages is most important to choose the best affordable service.And know about the other customers' thoughts and appreciation of the services and amenities provided in all the Nainital package.

Customer satisfaction

How people get significantly treated impacts both the tourist and the guide. Hence, selecting the best Nainital tour package, whether a Nainital honeymoon package, Nainital family package, or a Nainital package for 3 days, is advised.

Must Visit places in Nainital holiday packages

While enjoying your time in the foothills of Kumaon and among the wilderness of nature, be sure your Nainital sightseeing package has these best spots in its itinerary. These are some of the top, hand-picked places in all the Nainital holiday packages. 

Jim Corbet National Park

Under the foothills of the Himalayas lies this wild national park for tigers. The place was named after a British hunter, Jim Corbet. This largest Corbet national park for tigers, with over a hundred tigers, would be on the first day in most of the Nainital tourism package

Maa Naina Devi Temple and lake

The eye-shaped lake is a perfect choice in the Nainital tour package for couple for a romantic boat ride for couples. The place is also a fun and blessing-filled trip for families and friends. Spiritual people can delight themselves in the holistic experience and the Legend of Goddess Sati. 

Snow View point

The site would be found in most of the Nainital family tour packages.The snow viewpoint is just two kilometers away from the Nainital city. The tourists will be put in a trance with the view where Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and the Trisul peak mountains covered in pure white snow. 

Cave Garden

The following place is also a must on any Nainital family package. This cave garden is within walking distance of one kilometer from the Mall road. The place is a newly made tourist spot, so that it would be on most of the Nainital tour package for the family.

Naina Peak 

This peak is for the proactive people who would lend that extra effort for the breathtaking views and feeling of reaching the mountain peaks. Moreover, the Naina peak offers the best view of the Nainital city below 2,615m above sea level.

Perfect timing for Nainital sightseeing packages

You can book your best Nainital tour packages during the summer times. The place has a cold summer. So, the months from March to June are the best to book your Nainital package for 3 days. So, go on and book your Nainital honeymoon package and enjoy some romantic moments with your partner.  


Nainital, located at the foothills of Kumaon, is nicknamed the Jewel of Kumaon. The hill station has the best climates for touring and relaxing. Most of the places can be enjoyed even with the cheapest holiday package for Nainital. So, book your best Nainital tour packages and spend time with your loved ones in an exotic hill station with spectacular views.


Best Nainital tour packages to consider

Camping in rishikesh with Swimming pool1 night /2 days999/-Camping, breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snacks
Serene Haridwar Rishikesh Trip3 night /4 days14,299/-Hotel, breakfast, dinner, transfer, sightseeing
Honeymoon Trip to Haridwar, Auli and Rishikesh5 night /6 days18,565/-Hotel, breakfast, dinner, transfer, sightseeing
Charming Rishikesh Corbett Nainital trip6 night /7 days14,299/-Hotel, breakfast, dinner, transfer, sightseeing
Ravishing Rishikesh Uttarakhand Trip7 night /8 days30,499/-Hotel, breakfast, dinner, transfer, sightseeing

Q. Why is the Nainital Lake so special?

The lake is an exact eye shape. And the temple of Maa Naina Devi is right at the edge of the lake. The lake is said to be the right eye of Goddess Sati. And the place got its name from this legend. Nain means eye. And therefore Nainital. It is also called as Lake City.

Q. How long would it take to tour Nainital?

It would take three days minimum to tour the city. But if there is more time to afford, the city can be ventured in a week.

Q. What is the minimum cost needed to tour Nainital?

The minimum required amount would be from RS 19,000 to RS 21,000 to afford the nainital tour packages.

Q. What to pack before going for a trip to Nainital?

Winter clothes like sweaters, scarfs, beanies, winter jackets, socks and boots are a must. People who opt to trek trekking gears and necessities such as comfortable clothes, first aid kits, extra pair of t-shirts and water.

Q. What is the famous delicacy in Nainital?

The top famous foods which scream Nainital are Ras, Baadi, Bhatt Ki Chaurkani, Chafuli, Aloo Ke Gutke, Gulgulaa and more. These are some of the famous local dishes of Nainital.

Q. How many lakes are there in Nainital?

The Nainital city has a total of seven lakes. Bhimtal, Malwatal, Sattal, Kurpatal, Naukuchiatal, Lokmatal, and Harishtal. The Biggest and most popular is bhimtal and Sattal is one the most beautiful and underrated lake.

Q. What is the safest means to tour Nainital?

The best and the safest way to ensure safety is to always choose a tour package for traveling and other tour guiding through the city.

Q. Which is the best season in nainital?

Summer is deemed as the best in Nainital. This is because the city has one of the coolest summer while the other seasons are all an extreme one of them.

Q. Why is Nainital nicknamed as “The Jewel of Kumaon”?

The eye-shaped valley is located the foothills of Kumaon and this adds to beauty of Kumaon and whole of Uttarakhand. And hence the Nick Name.

Q. Are there enough transport services in Nainital?

Yes, there are sufficient amount of travel options available in the city for touring and other transportations needs.
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